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Excellent Benefits

It's Contact Less

It's the BEST solution for SOCIAL DISTANCING for FnB and hospitality industries. With this technology, social distancing will be implemented accurately.


It gives convenience for both merchants and customers at this time of unstable situation.

Get high volume of orders

Received more orders simultaneous and increase sales, without adding more POS or Ordering stations. Take Order faster!

Cost Effective

No need for BIG investment just to have your Self Ordering Kiosk or Add addition POS/Ordering station. No need for big spaces

Good Feedback

Received great impression to more customers for service speed.

No More Long Lines

No more long wait for servers/waiters/cashiers. Just to make orders.

No Download

No need to download apps and sign-in required. Just scan the QR code and choose your order.

Less Order Error

Received order made by the customers using their mobile devices. No mis-communication for orders.

About WeeDoo?

Our biggest challenge is to make sure that our operations
are safe and convenient while keeping our
customers satisfied with our products and services.

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